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Burst Angel or Ten-Ten Which is Greater? 
10:58am 12/09/2005
  So Baku-Ten or Ten-Ten Which is the better show/Manga? I do not have a preference myself. how about you?  
Ten-Ten Uncensored od Censored? 
09:35am 30/08/2005
mood: contemplative
Okay, This is the first real post on my Community. Lets get this party started right!

As you are probally aware the CMX manga release of Tenjho Tenge (Ten-Ten) Has been censored to beyond reconition. Panty shots covered, breasts bra'd, sexual comments rewriten, and stupidest of all, a middle finger covered by "Fight 2". WTF! I understand their idea of making it open to a wide range of audiences, but this is too much! What ever happened to original Author intent? Oh Great! did a fantastic job on the story and art. Now it has been tainted. I do hope CMX releases a Mature Readers edition of this terrific manga. Whats your take on the Ten-Ten controversy?
12:16pm 29/08/2005
mood: enthralled
Welcome to the new dominent Anime journal around! I started this so that people who love Anime could get together and discuss their favorite shows. as of today It is officially open for business! There are some rules you need to abide by
1. No flamming
2. No Irrelevent Posts
3. No Overuse of swearing
4. Have Fun but remain respectful.
That is all! Have fun and be creative! Konnichiwa

Sincerly yours Ten-Tenfan617/dragonmaster781